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Meet Patrice Savoy

Patrice Savoy is the founder and owner of The Sweetest Suite Cake Company, a business that specializes in custom cakes and celebrations. Patrice is a single mom of four daughters and a grandmother of one. She used to work as an Executive Administrative Assistant, but decided to pursue her passion for baking and crafting. Patrice grew up in Washington, DC, as the oldest child and grandchild in her family. She helped to take care of her younger siblings and cousins, and developed a love for creating things that brought joy to others. Patrice's creations are more than just cakes, they are expressions of her love language and her way of coping with life's challenges.

Humble beginnings

My journey as a cake artist began from a painful experience. I was a young single mom of two girls after divorcing my military husband. I struggled to make ends meet and to give my daughters the best I could. When my second daughter's birthday came, I couldn't afford a nice cake for her. A relative tried to help by buying four small cakes of different colors, styles, and flavors and putting them together like a sheet cake. It was a kind gesture, but it broke my heart to see my daughter's sad face when she saw it. I vowed to never let that happen again. I wanted to make every birthday and special occasion memorable and joyful for those I loved.


​I soon realized that I had a natural talent for baking and decorating cakes. I could look at something and figure out how to make it in cake form. It was a creative outlet that brought me happiness and peace. I loved seeing the amazement and delight on my customers' faces when they saw their custom cakes. I felt blessed to be able to share my gift with others and make them smile. I also had a passion for art, drawing, and anything creative, which helped me in the design process. After making several cakes for my own children's birthdays, people started asking me to make cakes for their events. What started as a hobby became a business. I enrolled in a Culinary Arts program to improve my skills and learn new techniques. On July 15, 2008, The Sweetest Suite Cake Company was born.

Now, baking and creating cakes is my full-time job and my main source of income for my family. This is important to me because it allows me to homeschool my youngest daughter and grandson and be more involved in their lives. I use baking as a way to teach them science, math, art, and other subjects in a fun and delicious way.

I am grateful for the opportunity to bake sweet memories for others, one cake at a time.

Our Core Values


At The Sweetest Suite, we are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. Whether you need a stunning venue for your special occasion, or a delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, we have you covered. Our customers are more than just clients, they are our valued guests who deserve the best service and attention. We take pride in our work and ensure that every detail meets your expectations and beyond. You can trust us to make your experience with us memorable and delightful.


The Sweetest Suite Cake Company is dedicated to our community. We believe in sharing our passion for baking and decorating by offering healthy baking seminars and demonstrations of new and innovative techniques. We also offer classes in cake artistry and design, and we are committed to helping the next generation of bakers reach their full potential. We are proud to be involved in our community and look forward to continuing our efforts to make a positive impact.

Community Support

We are proud to support our community through our charitable and community support program. With every purchase you make at The Sweetest Suite Cake Company, a percentage of our revenue goes towards local charities, food banks, and community organizations. Our goal is to make a difference in our community, one sweet treat at a time. Thank you for choosing The Sweetest Suite Cake Company for your custom cakes and desserts!


Our commitment to growth is matched only by our commitment to quality. We take pride in creating the finest custom cakes and desserts, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our attention to detail and dedication to our craft have earned us a reputation as one of the premier cake companies in the area.


Let Us Help You Prepare For Your Next Event.

Looking to create a lasting memory from your special event or occasion?

The Sweetest Suite Cake Company is here to help you impress your guests by creating custom cakes and desserts that are as unique as they are delicious.

Every confectionery masterpiece we create is guaranteed to elevate your event to the next level.

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