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Meet Patrice Savoy

The Sweetest Suite Cake Company is owned and operated by Patrice Savoy, single mother of four girls and a grandson.  She is a former Executive Administrative Assistant turned Custom Cake and Celebration Artist. Born and raised in Washington, DC, Patrice is the eldest child and grandchild, thereby making me responsible for helping to raise my younger siblings and cousins. I have always enjoyed cooking, baking, and all things crafty. Creating became my love language and a means of escape from the hard places that came in life. 

Humble beginnings

A former miliary wife and as a young, newly divorced, now single mom, it was difficult to provide financially for my daughters especially for special occasions. Others tried to step in to assist for the birthday of my second child. Four unmatched in color, style, and flavor mini cakes were purchased by a family member and placed together in an effort to form the appearance of a sheet cake. Needless to say, the look of hurt and disappointment on her face crushed me. That day I made a decision to never allow that to happen again. Birthdays and special occasions create lasting memories, and those we love deserve the best. 

I quickly discovered I could look at something and figure out how to recreate it in cake. I had an undiscovered talent in my hands. When I am baking and creating, my stresses ease and joy fills my heart and mind. Seeing it all come together and look of awe on my customers faces brings me an indescribable peace, Knowing I have a small part in making others smile is a blessing. My ability to draw, love for the arts, and all things creative, was a great aid in the creative process. After making several custom cakes for my children's birthdays, people began asking if I would make cakes for their special events. What started as a way to make my children smile turned into a hobby. I decided to pursue a degree in Culinary Arts to hone my skills and learn new ways to create. Soon thereafter, on July 15, 2008, The Sweetest Suite Cake Company was born.

I now bake and create full time as this provides my source of income for my family. This is important to me as it gives me the ability to Homeschool my youngest daughter and grandson and be more present in their lives. I use baking to incorporate science, math, art and many other learning techniques into my homeschooling curriculum, and it's always fun to eat our creations. 


 I have been afforded a gift and the wonderful opportunity to bake sweet memories for others, one delicious cake at a time. I have become known for our customized cake creations that taste as good as they look. I still can't believe customers literally line up to get our Infamous Bread Pudding and we always sell out of our Decadent Dessert Jars. Exceptional taste, quality, love and care, and presentation are the key ingredients that make us stand out in our industry. 

Our Core Values


SSCC will satisfy and delight our customers by exceeding expectations. Our clients are our guests and will enjoy their "stay" at The Sweetest Suite for their special event and confectionary needs. We will provide high quality customer service and guarantee customer satisfaction.


We will demonstrate our commitment to the community through healthy baking seminars, demonstrations in new and innovative baking and decorating techniques, and offer classes in cake artistry and design.

Community Support

We will generate charitable and community funding through company donations of baked goods or a percentage of revenue to local charities, food banks, pastry schools, and community organizations.


 We will strive to consistently exceed our profit and growth margins in order to offer continual support to our community, our employees, interns, and students. We will provide ongoing training, internships and employment to existing as well as future culinary and pastry students and professionals within our community.


Let Us Help You Prepare For Your Next Event.

If you're looking to wow your guests and make them remember how sweet your event was look no further than The Sweetest Suite Cake Company. We create confectionery memories that will take every event and occasion to the next level.

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